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The Leadership Lecture Series offers leadership-focused programs throughout each semester to give students the opportunity to build on current leadership skills. Start your leadership journey, sign up for the Leadership Lecture Series. Students who complete three or more sessions receive a Leadership Certificate and a medal to wear at graduation.

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“DiSCovering Leadership”
Dionicia Mahler-Rogers, Associate Director, Office of Student Activities & Leadership
Wednesday, September 19, 2012, Noon, Hampton/Newport News Rooms, Webb Center

Do you know what your "leadership style" is? If not, come and find out! This session will have the participants take a personal leadership inventory, called the DiSC. We will then explore the good, the bad and the ugly of each of the four styles and how leaders can best work with each type of leadership style. You are sure to have some "ah ha" moments in this interactive session!


Resolving Conflict: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Berhanu Mengistu
Wednesday, October 3, 2012, Noon, Hampton/Newport News Rooms, Webb Center


This I Believe: Self Awareness as a Path to Leadership
Elyse Gambardella, Coordinator for Leadership, Office of Student Activities and Leadership
Wednesday, October 17, 2012, Noon, James Lynnhaven River Rooms, Webb Center

What’s at your core? What motivates you to take action? In order to lead others and create positive change, one must be aware of their values, emotions, and beliefs. This interactive session offers participants an opportunity to reflect on their own beliefs and examine the core values that guide their daily lives.


Setting Priorities for Leaders
Steven R. Walk, PE, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Technology
Wednesday, October 31, 2012, Noon, Hampton/Newport News Rooms, Webb Center

Cells, organs, organisms, and successful organizations follow a simple and effective process of setting priorities in behavior or activity. In this workshop we introduce the process, show how it applies to student life, and discover important lessons for organization leaders.


Leadership Panel: Developing a Vision and Leading Others
Dr. Ellen Neufeldt, Vice President for Student Engagement & Enrollment Services
Dr. John Sokolowski, VMASC Executive Director
Wednesday, November 14, 2012, Noon, Hampton/Newport News Rooms, Webb Center

Our leader panel will share their experience with developing a vision and leading others to help accomplish that vision. Come get tips and learn from the past experiences of other visionary leaders. At the end of this session students can pose questions or seek advice.


ODU Social Entrepreneurship: Shaping a Better World Today
Alicia Phillips-Dunlap, Associate Director for Intercultural Initiatives, Office of Intercultural Relations
Wednesday, November 28, 2012, Noon, Hampton/Newport News Rooms, Webb Center

This session explores concepts of social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship as a means to empowering individuals to realize their potential to make meaningful contributions to society. We will discuss how personal experiences, passions and strengths can be used as guides to success, well-being and lasting fulfillment.



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